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My History

This is a film blog. I know you want another one. I hope mine would not be the functionary wow is film written all over it. I expect to be more discerning. I have written for the low grade publications where the expectations are lower than the higher grades, however I did get published several times in established regional newspapers, magazines, and journals. Why would I want to publish a film blog? Like most of my writing, I am inspired and after giving that some consideration, I go ahead and do something about that inspiration. I’ve been inspired to write film reviews for over twenty-five years, with publication credits in a number of outlets of a faith-based kind. I found myself striving for an acceptable Christian perspective and so through the years have been appropriating that, in reviewing, and also previewing what I may or may not watch. In 2021, I’ve been applying more and more the thoughtful self that I am and bringing you films that are more or less suitable, and the occasional got to see that, perhaps. The bottom line I must say is not to go by gut feelings or instinct in giving an opinion but what’s a more substantial and human response. That would be my official response. In the past, I’ve even had editors oppose my views, but I’ve had to get through that, to get to what’s real. I hope my readers will see this. Movies are not everything; evaluating them is more important.

Current Review: 2021

The “wrestlers” in Godzilla vs. Kong are scaly and slimy creatures who do not fight by clock and rote. No signs raised above heads indicating what round we are up to. However, these monsters do get up to quite a bit of wrestling. It is rabid, raw, and not for fun. No beautiful technical skill apparent or honed, but armed with instincts. This film may even be a suitable alternative to television wrestling. It is one for families, with stand-ins for wrestlers and there are no scantily clad models. Yes, I am serious in a sense…

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Retro book review

If one wondered why the 1981 film Chariots of Fire was not included in this annual, there is a easy explanation. The film was released in Great Britain before June 30, 1981 and therefore before the coverage period of this annual. Chariots of Fire was written about in the annual before it, but is still a 1981 film.

The British author of the Film Review would not have overlooked a film like Chariots of Fire which won the Academy Award for Best Picture and one would find a few photos and a brief review of the film as well as mentions here and there. It was well praised by reviewer F. Maurice Speed in the previous annual.

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Retro Review

An oldie but is it a goodie?

This moment in time is the Tokyo Olympics but the Greeks were the first to the podium with their “ancient Olympics” and the modern Olympics are just calling it ancient. Old news in other words.

The story of Clash of the Titans is old news as well, from that ancient world of Greece with its mythological overtones namely Zeus—

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